Carrie Pyrz Photography: Blog en-us (C) Carrie Pyrz Photography (Carrie Pyrz Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Carrie Pyrz Photography: Blog 80 120 Gorgeous Little Girls | Twin Cities Photographer Love these two little cuties!  So glad this family came into our lives a few years ago.  My daughters just adore these two little girls.  They are kind, sweet, spunky and also great dancers!  Hope you enjoy these pictures on my blog today!

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Dancers | Twin Cities Photographer I have to say this was one of my favorite sessions from this year so far.  These girls are full of personality, beauty and talent!  Super fun to be able to work with all of these amazing costumes.  Hope you love these images as much as I do!

AND NOW MY this tutu

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18 Month Old Boy | Twin Cities Children's Photographer Hard to believe this session started out with tears.  It took this 18 month old cutie a little while to warm up but once he did - those smiles were worth the wait!


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Three Years Old | Twin Cities Children's Photographer Nothing is more gorgeous than a pair of deep dark brown eyes.  Now add a touch of mischief and a ton of energy and you've got this little guy!  Hope you enjoy these pictures.

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Miss Minnesota Princess | Twin Cities Photographer National American Miss Minnesota Princess - big title for such a little girl.  I was very impressed with this sweet, polite and full of personality princess.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Hope you enjoy these darling photos.






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Baby Girl 6 Months Old | Twin Cities Children's Photographer This little blue eyed beauty has captured my heart!  She was such a happy baby for the entire session.  Hope you enjoy these pictures of a very delightful 6 month old girl!  They are some of my favorites.



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Fall Family Photos | Twin Cities Family Photographer I love taking pictures in the fall!  Nothing could be a better backdrop than the colorful reds, yellows and oranges of the fall leaves.  Hope you enjoy these pictures of this beautiful family.

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Beautiful Family of Six | St. Paul Family Photographer I've been waiting FOREVER to post this on my blog!  I love this family so much and they photograph beautifully!  Hopefully you can see what an amazing, loving, gorgeous family they are through my pictures!  

Each one of these children has their own distinct personalities....can you guess who I would describe as mischievous, a sweetie pie, wise beyond his years, and just plain trouble?!!

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Baby G | Twin Cities Newborn Photographer I love babies that are born close to Christmas!  Nothing cuter than a newborn in a santa hat.  Enjoy these wonderful images of sweet Baby G on Christmas morning!

Gorgeous family!  Enjoy your first Christmas together :)


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One year pictures | Twin Cities Children Photographer So happy to be able to share this milestone of Ella Grace's one year portraits!  Take a walk with me through Ella's first year!  It was amazing to be able to see and document every step of her first year!



FINALLY ONE YEAR!!!!!  We had fun with a cake smash session!



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Brother and Sister | Twin Cities Children's Photographer Check out these two amazingly talented kids!  Kate is a gymnast who wants to be in the Olympics one day.  Nathan has the voice of an angel and just auditioned and MADE the State Honor Choir!  We enjoyed a beautiful day in September taking pictures in between cartwheels.  I'll be waiting to see these two on American Idol and the Olympics one day!


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Family Photos | Twin Cities Photographer Jess is one of my dearest friends!  We met when our babies were about 3 months old and we had no idea what we were doing as first time moms!  Somehow we have managed to laugh our way through the many joys of parenthood to see our oldest kids reach the first grade together!  Without her, I may not have made it with my sanity intact or certainly it wouldn't have been as much fun!  I value her friendship so much and she is one of the best people I know!  She has an amazingly beautiful family!  Not only are they all beautiful on the outside but they are just as beautiful on the inside.  So happy to be able to share these pictures of a wonderful family!


Ending this blog with my absolute favorite from our session!!!



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Sisters | Twin Cities Photographer These two could not be any more beautiful!  So proud to be able to call these two my nieces!  I love you girls!





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Allison | Twin Cities Senior Portrait Photographer This is my niece!  My beautiful, gorgeous, talented, sweet, kind, smart, wonderful niece!  I remember the day when she was born!  I was so proud to be an Aunt for the first time!  I still am so proud to be this young woman's Aunt - even more today than I was 17 years ago!  My girls love you so much and think you are an amazing babysitter, cousin, and friend!  I love you Allison!  Congratulations and enjoy your Senior year!

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Baby Clara | St. Paul Newborn Photographer Clara was undoubtedly one of the strongest babies I have ever worked with for a newborn session.  At two weeks old she was lifting up her head by herself and almost rolling over!  It was amazing!  It took us a while to get baby Clara to sleep that day but it was worth it when we finally did!  Enjoy some of these gorgeous pictures of beautiful baby Clara!





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Baby Ella 9 months | Twin Cities Baby Photographer Ella's mom told me on the phone she had some fun clothing for our 9 month session.  Imagine my delight when she pulled out a beautiful and oh-so fluffy ivory tutu and an amazing black bow for her hair!  Exactly what I would've picked out if I could've chosen myself!!  What a fun session with this beautiful brown eyed beauty!



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Tyler - Senior Portraits Tyler is adorable!  He probably wouldn't want me to describe him this way but just look at him!  My daughters were admiring his pictures and commenting how much he looks like Justin Bieber (which coming from my girls is the ultimate compliment).  






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Katie - Senior Portraits Katie's photo shoot was supposed to be on Sunday but because of all of the rain we quickly moved them to Saturday!  Good thing we did!  Saturday morning was beautiful!!!  It was one of those spring days that reminds you that summer is right around the corner.  The only thing more blue than the sky that morning were Katie's stunning eyes!  




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Lindsey - High School Senior Lindsey is extremely artistic and musical.  She feels most comfortable when she is playing music and it showed in her pictures.  As soon as she picked up her cello or guitar you could see a light in her eyes.  I was also lucky enough to hear some of her talent while taking her pictures!  She is amazing and what a treat for me!

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It's ALL in the eyes! These two little cuties photography beautifully!  I couldn't believe the color of their eyes!  Hard not to fall in love with these two!


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Sweet Mason! This little guy just turned two years old!  He has 2 older brothers and now a baby sister but today was his turn!!!  I have known his mom since our first born children were 3 months old.  Our kids have grown up together and so have we as moms.  Congrats little Masey-Moo on turning 2!


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